Til Forside

Malaysia - Borneo - Thailand


Anaconda in front of the Viking Cave on Phi Phi


Hongs in Phuket Bay


Skipper met Steen Sørensen on Phuket


Decorated richaw in Penang


Clearing out of Malaysia in Melaka


Ib Møller got a wahoo


Ib, Lene and Rico in front of the Portuguese galleon in Malaka


Longtailboat at PhiPhi


Penang City still the same old town


Preparing for the Chinese New Year in Singapore


The Carlsberg beer takes a priority place on the Chinese altar


Beach on Tioman Island Malaysia


Clear water in Thailand at last


Flying foxes in the trees


Flemming Bitz and I having a sundowner


FTLF contact Bo Søndergaard in Phuket


Inside an Indian Temple


King Bhummibold of Thailand pictures are everywhere


Langkawi are famous for all the eagles


Langkawi are beautifull


Langkawi Crokodile farm


Langkawi Yacht Club


Lots of sailboats in Langkawi


Malaysia beach


Our guide in Songhla


Preparing for fire on the beach


Søren Hansen with his catch just before Singapore


The anchorage at Singapore with hundreds of cargo ships


Tioman is nice


Tioman Island East Malaysia


The Danish sailboat Nordkaperen


Shaughn, Lene and Wayne in Brunei


Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque


Istana Nurul Iman sultan Palace


Ship in the lake oat the Mosque


Water Village in Brunei


Mt. Kinabalu in background of Kota Kinabalu


Malaysia are happy for their flag


Fishing port in Kota Kinabalu


Cheap diesel in Brunei 0.20 cent US


Service station with cheap deisel and fuel 0.20 US cent per liter



Huge containerport north of Pattaya


Highway bridges and Intersections in Bangkok


Tugboats on Menam River Bangkok


You like grasshoppers for dinner


Menu grasshoppers and cockroaches


Søren Hansen with his new tatoo


Søren Hansen on elephant riding


Swimming with the elephant


Elephant bathing in the river.


Feeding the elephant


Meat on the Trat market


Pattaya by night


Dieter and family at the Island View Resort.