Til Forside



Comin from the fwerry to Mamoudzou Mayotte


Coco de mer nut


Coco de Mer is much bigger than a normal coconut


Beautiful sunsets


Huge Baobab tree 28 meter in circumference


Another strange tree


Ana playing on the beach on Farquhar Atoll


Wonder what happen when you drink this beer?


Beautiful spots on the rock Islands


Ana on the beach looking for catching fish


Ana swimming


Anaconda between the rocks of Seychelles


Buffer fish




Huge Tortoises on the Island of Corieuse Island


Coco de Mer the worlds largest nut


Beautifull wievs


The beach on Praslin Island


Black tip shark




Beu Vallon Bay on Mahe


Nice lobsters for dinner


Pirate meeting in Seychelles Yacht Club


Rainbow over Port Victoria


Huge Moray Eel


Maxwell the sailmaker


Sundown over La Dique Island


Rocks in the jungle


Very old coconut oil mill