Til Forside



ANA at Bird Island after her rescue


Skipper and Sue at Red Pirate Bar on Boracay


Skipper ved Hot Spring Lake Coron Bay


Sue finishing her sailing course


Typical houses on the coastline of Philippines


Goodby to Thomas in Badladz dive center


Anaconda at Hot Spring Lake Coron Bay


Handover burgees in Puerto Galera Yacht Club with commodore Peter Stevens


Little Africa


Feeding of Giraff at the Wild Life Preserve


Rough rocks on the coatline of Palawan


Skippers new tattoo Manta dolphins turtle and tiki


Flags over top on Lise Madsen´s birthday


Lise Madsen with Tarsier monkey


Tarsier Monkey


Philippine fisherman village


Razorblade sharp knife on the cocks leg


Still a lot of Jeepneys


Street in Surigau


Zekes wife, skipper Jan, Robert Olaf Christiansen and Karsten Rendtorff


Good food in the street kitchen


New glasses


Eddie the diver with homemade goggles ...! !


Eddies house


Eddies family in Surigau


cheers ...


Bohol Chocolate Hills


Abandoned resort


Sunset on Boracay 


Anaconda on Panay


Sue in Tricycle


Street picture


Palmtree work as Cellphone antenna


Leif, Thomas and Karsten


Koreans getting wedding pictures


Leif, Glenda and Sue


Sue and Sonja finish diving


Ana, Sue and Sonja going divng


A piece of paradise


Karsten Rendtorff på bar - Malapascua Island


Net fishing boat Cebu


Philippine fish farming in Camotes Islands