EXPEDITION 2013 - 2014


Dan Hansen on the way back from the Scull Cave


Dan Hansens knee was hurt after climbing the cave


Laura holding a scull in the cave


Scull Cave on Panasia Island


Great catch


Dan Hansen with the 75 kilo Black Marlin


Catch on the way from Vanuatu to Solomon


Bamboo is sharp!


Lobster catch at the Waterfall Bay


Getting ready for a beach barbecue


One of the wonderful Soushi made of Dave Bullock


Mads Dyreberg Haldrup at the Vanuatu Waterfal


Dan Hansen arrive with danish food for Julefrokost


Another waterfall ...


Kingdom of Tonga


Toghether with the family in Waisisi on Tanna


The truck is coming to pick us up


The repair of the gypsy for the windlass


Mads on the way to the dinghy


Kids in cano


Skipper looking


Kid and grandmom


South Pacific Rum


En glad skipper med 35 liter rom


Dave with our guides


Dave taking pictures of the pigs


Dave og Mads in the hammock in Vunda Point Marina


Dave Bullock


Coconut crab


Charlie on Wala Island


Tonga Mask


The feather man at the totem poole



Dance for the cheif son








Together after the dance


Laura with the feather man


Wonderfull fresh peanuts


Some people lives ind the treehut


Wasisi old man


Yasur Volcano on Tanna


Yasur somtimes rumble


Yasur blasting


Ash on the deck from the Yasur Volkcano


The Yasur Volcano in the background


Big Mama Yacht Club inside


Big Mama og skipper


Ash on the dech from the Yasur Volkcano


Dave Bullock repairing his Surfboard


Mads Dyreberg Haldrup and Dave Bullock



Mads Dyreberg Haldrup playing on his Okulele at Dave Bullocks birthday party


Wasawa group Islands Fiji


Getting ready for Kitesurfing


Mads Dyreberg Haldrup waiting for us diving with Manta Rays


Manta Ray


Pacific Baracuda


Fantastic live corals


Mahi Mahi


Mahi Mahi


Oscar playing with a frog


Sailing with Anaconda


The fishermen is catching Sharks for the finns all over the Pacific


Shopping in American Samoa




Mahi Mahi blodbad


Fish hangin for drying



Wonderful view


Laura and Stefan Iskov coming from Bat Cave, Vavau


Mariners Cave Vavau Tonga




Anaconda in Fisheye view


Skipper is back on Bora Bora ...
(He looks very happy and satisfied to be back)


Laura Foster


Two dogtooth tune


Oscar in Polynesien ...


Polynesien ...


Polynesien ...


Polynesien ...


Polynesien ...




Brian the Vanilla King
Link: http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/dr2-tema/vanilje-manden-fra-fremmedlegion-til-paradis/#!/


Skipper at the Vanilla farm


Vanilla just harvested


Vanilla getting ripe


Laura working


Laura and Moieta


Brian, Liisa, Laura, Moieta and Patrick


Brian working


Brian in front of his house


At Valle de Vanille


Lots of fruit from Brian


Freja Josephsen


Svend Buchardt enjoy the warm weather in Mazatlan Mexico


On the way to town


Lobster Party with Laura, Skipper and Ole Jensen


Hello, my name is "Oscar"
I'm the new watchdog on board Anaconda


Laura with Oscar


Oscar alone on the beach


Sharks on the beach in Mexico


Jonas Palle hanging on the anchor, La Paz


Jonas Palle and Oscar


Lots of Dolphins in Mexico


Fishermen on the Brach in Mexico


King Neptun is talking to the landlubbers


King Neptun babtize Hans Block Jespersen


Anaconda in Bay of Virgins


Anaho Bau Nuku Hiva


Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva


Beautiful Fatu Hiva


Ole Jensen looking at Fatu Hiva


Jonas Palle ready for the walk


On sightseeing


Hans Block Jespersen and Jonas Palle passing a creek in the mouuntain Nuku Hiva


Hans Block Jespersen looking at a Tiki


Marquesas Tiki


Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva


On the way to the waterfall


Swimming in the waterfall in Daniels Bay, Nuku Hiva


Laura at old village site




Jonas Palle trying to catch up with a Whale on Socorro


Buying fruits in Nuku Hiva


Laura with the fruit, pompemus


The fruit man in Nuku Hiva


The Fruit man


Raroia atolol, Tuamotu


Wanna swim with Manta Rays


Another Manta Ray


Manta Ray eating


Emil Robenhagen with a spanish Mackarel




Mahi Mahi


33 pound Baracuda


Anaconda at Sea of Cortez


Sunset at Cortez







Indonesian Volcano


Kristina Sloth


Signe Thomsen


The Dinghie returns


Sunblock is important


Sperm whale


Spider conck


We are making juvels from Black Corals


Oscar talking to a Piglet


Holiday Ocean view Marina


Fishing village north of Misool


Marcello with Laura and me on the top above Tahuna Bay


Nice beach on Sanghie Island


Volcano just above the village on Siau Island


Tahuna city on Sanghie Island


Nutmeg drying on the street


Oscar the shipdog


Wayag in distance


Anaconda far away


Beautiful Wayag


Beautiful wiev Wayag


Hundreds of Islands


Limestone islands in Wayag


Paradise Wayag


Anaconda in Wayag


Anaconda by anchor


Luc and Jackie Calebaut


Lea Madsen flying spinakker


Four fish in one day


Giant Travally 16 kg


Equator monument in Kawe Island


Fishing village at Gam Island


On dinghy trip


Crocodile skin art


Souvenir from Sepik River


Springwater running out of the pipe


Warikaf at kabui Pass restaurant


Owner of Warikaf


Warikaf spring


10 kids sailing on a piece of foam in Sorong


Laura is back on the boat in September


Anaconda approaching a tropical Island


Steering system sold on Guam to Chuck


Ronald, me and Rado on our Sunday afternoon trip


Our TUBA freinds on Lamotrek, Micronesia


Rado og Ronald in Wewak


Rasmus Dennis and Theresa in Vanimo


Rasmus playing Chess with the Rangers on Helen Reef


Theresa with local boy from Wewak


Decanting propane gas, no problem


Francis on Lamotrek


Bob on Hermit Island cutting bamboo for me


Cleaning the waterline


Coconut Crabs , Olimarao


Green Turtle nesting on Helen Reef


Green Turtle kept alive this way


Cutting out the meat on a Green turtle


All the turtle meat is divided to all families


They eat a lot of turtles on Lamotrek, Micronesia


Giant Clams on Helen Reef


Snorkling on Helen Reef


Spinakker flying on Helen Reef


Spinaker flying is fun


Walk on the beach on Olimarao


King Neptun has been busy this trip


Tuba, coconut beer


Trobriand Islands Canoo


Police in Sabvuahfik, Tony


Ripped Main after storm in Micronesia


Sundown on Nuku Oro


The Mayor of Sabvuahfik, Camino


Catch in Pohnpei Yacht Club


The mayor Camino speak to thank us for bringing supplies to Sabvuahfik


Sabvuahfik delicatesses


Platesw made of palm leaves


Henrik Kralund at Sabvuahfik party


Green Turtle shell from Olimarao


Dog Toth Tuna


Christina tasting her food


Jeffrey get a copy of the book GAST


My good friends Mac and Charlie from Guam


Skipper and Laura on beach


Nuku Oro Micronesia


Skipper in PNG


Best pineapple in the world


Birthday party for Henrik Hoelgaard


Canoe from Trobrian Islands


Canoo meeting af Anaconda in Trobriand Islands


Children in Trobrian Islands


Christine Zöga Rytter and Laura Foster


Christine Zöga Rytter and Laura Foster


Christine Zöga Rytter og Henrik Hoelgaard with sundowner


Christine Zöga Rytter with pineapple


Party with Capino and Tony of Sapwuahfik


Skipper's nap with Oscar


Volcanoe in Rabaul


beach on Nuku Oro


Put Put New Britain


Backward dancer


Put Put Dancer


Attack of the Put Puts


Goodbye to Put Put


Fresh water Schrimps


Christine Larsen at the Big Ells


Local PNG sailing canoo


Children canooing in Milne Bay


Aldio Pita with his family


Waterfall at WagaWaga Bay


The small hut in the Bay, where we were close to drown


Dan Hansen on our way to the fantastic dive site in Marovo lagoon