Til Forside

Micronesien 02


Anaconda in Micronesia


Beautiful Rock Islands


Ngulu Island


Rock Island Arch


Saltwatercroc on Palau


Setting the shark loose


The girls are sweet


Thomas Krogsgaard at Milky Way


Turtle eggs Ngulu


Waterfall on Palau

Chief Michael


Green turtle


In front of mens house


Thomas Krogsgaard want to stay


Girl making basket


Baskets for sale


Basket making contest


Dance beginning


Mens standing dance


Sitting dancers


Ana taking a nap


Anacondas new image


Thomas and Lise and Tina and Ana with the present for The Marianas Yacht Club 


Chief Centi on Ulithi Atoll


Come to the tropic Pacific Ulithi Micronesia


Grossery shopping on Guam


Landing spot at The Mens House on Fassarei Ulithi Atoll


Little girl on Ulithi


Miki and family


Mikis wife with her handicraft


Special good buy flowers for the Captain


Miki with parrotfish


My good friend Mac on his job at the NOAA on Guam


Releasing the shark


The catch for the dinner


Typical house on Ulithi Atoll