Til Forside



Arriving to Northern Bali


Anaconda moored at Pulau Tengah Reef


Lene Marcel Francisca Rico Skipper and Jørgen


Swimming pool at Marcels Palace


One of Marcels seldom birds


Marcel with his fine art collection


The beautiful garden at the Palace


We are buying potatoes


Watch out Komodo dragon


Komodo dragons near the Ranger Station


A fifty kilo dragon


Komodo Dragon diagesting after a huge meal on the deer


Left over after a Komodo dragon meal


The monument wall after the bombattac in Kuta 2002


The fishermen we bought lobster from


Skipper in front of the Sperm whale


King Neptune birth certificate


Coconuts getting ready for sundowner


Sundowner time


At the temple by the lake


Beautiful Bali


Bali waterfall


Temple on mountain lake


Beautiful Bali Volcano


Ib Møller in his sailor-dress


Ana closing up on the Humpback whale


Fantastic Humpback tail


Humpback tail more than two meters across


Humpback whales eats squids and have a big mouth


Many ton of flesh


Rico Post swimming


Bali sunrise


Between all the Coast Guard patrol boats


Indonesian cargo ship


Kong Neptun


King Neptun babtising Ib - Søhesten


Surabaya Naval Base


Shopping in Kalimantan


Wildlife information Kalimantan


Jungletur Kalimantan


Oran Utan mom with baby


Angry Chris


Angry Chris try to hit me with a stick


Chris close to our boat


Oran Utans love bananas


The Orang Utan took Ib´s hat


Rico, Flemming and Ib in the jungle


Park Rangers and tour guide Adi