How to connect Anaconda?
Contacting Anaconda...
(Email addresses are with ' spaces ' so spam-robots can't find them on the net and spamming Anacondas mail)

Anaconda is often in areas where there is no internet. Therefore, there may in some cases go weeks before you will get a response, if you use the email address such as: janaconda @ or janklintegaard @ gmail .com 

the fastest way to get in touch is to write to skippers daughter Christa in Denmark. 
Christa Klintegaard - E-mail: christaklintegaard @ hotmail .com

Christa will send your mail to Anaconda, or give you the email address directly to the Anaconda. 
The direct email address for Anaconda is not reported here, the risk for spam mails is great.
Attachments cannot be received on this mail, it is received via the ship's HF-SSB radio. 
It's the fastest way to get in touch, as this mail can be received directly on the boat.

Radio amateurs can use: OZ1GFW @ WINLINK .ORG

Learn to sail, navigate, dive, fish, snorkel, Island hop and visit the World

Anaconda is a 48 feet sailing Yacht, 22 ton to ride smoothly on virtually any sea, and fully equipped with everything needed. 
9 Dive tanks and own compressor for diving. Cheaper than any exotic Hotel, beautiful all teak wood, Anaconda will take you places no planes, trains or busses can go. 
Meet the chiefs on remote Islands, hunt the sea for your next meal or just relax with a cool sundowner drink in your hand. You wouldn't be the first to come for a week and stay for a month. 
Discover the passion of the sea and Dolphins dancing below the bow. It could change your life. Dive, sail and enjoy the eclectic conversation between Americans and the English fluent Danish aboard.

There are 7 berth on Anaconda, but is is most comfortable with 4-5 people on board. 
It is not a Charter Boat, so you will have to join the team onboard and work a little every day. While we are sailing, everybody will be on a 2-3 hours watch, which runs 24/7.
The boat is sailing by the wind and wind vane or autopilot, so You just have to keep a proper outlook and report upcoming things to the skipper.
Cooking and cleaning is on shift, but there is lots of time to read, swim and enjoy. In ports or by anchor, we sometimes have to keep a watch on board for security. Sometimes, there are more cleaning and small repairs to be done. Shopping for grocery, diesel and water, we do together, but we will explore the new place, dive and travel around, as we planed to do this way.

What does it cost?
You will be charged 40 USD a day for the berth with a minimum of 30 days aboard. That money is used to maintain the boat. 
On top of that, we share all the cost on board. It will be Grocery, like food and drink etc. Diesel, oil, harbor- entrance-, visa- and visitor-fees.
It is normally about 400 to 600 USD a month, but it depends of how much we use the engine, dive expenses including fees for diving within parks and wildlife reserves, and where we are. It can be less or more. It will be paid on board to "Running boat cost" account. The 40 dollars cost will have to be paid up front for each month you have reserved to be aboard. If you would like to tour and dive with Anaconda for less than 1 month the cost is 500 USD per week, all inclusive with the exception of diving/park fee expense for diving and liquor. Included are all food, soft drinks, fuel, filling dive tanks, etc. and unlimited non-guided dives per day.

What is the demand for You?
You don't have to have any sailing experience or skills. You will learn underway. You just have to be yourself and be able to learn. Also, you have to be able to live together with other people in small areas, like being positive, patient and tolerant. Mostly, everybody speak English.
Be sure to have a personal Travel Insurance, required vaccinations and a valid passport.

Rules on board:
Smoking is only allowed in the leeward side of the boat on deck or on the aft platform.
No narcotic is allowed on board or while You are on board. Not any kind !
If You smoke any kind of "funny tobacco". You will be kicked of the boat at once, if it happen.
We have lots of bad examples with strict rules from country to country, so don't even think about it.

This is serious!
The boat can be seized, with only small amounts of narcotic drugs on board.
We do not sail around drunk. We must always be ready for an unpredicted situations, like bad weather, so we don't drink alcohol, when we are sailing.
That is, we normally have our "Sundowner" drink, to enjoy the sun going down.
When You arrive on board, You will receive a copy of more routine rules on board, just to answer a lot of your questions and to make it easier for you to stay and enjoy.