EXPEDITION 2011-2012


Tree guys at Viewpoint


Beautiful Cocos Island


Viewpoint at Cano Island


Viewpoint at Cano Island


View over Playa del Cocos


Ranger Station on Isla Cano


Peter Høj Christensen enjoy on the fordeck


Monkeys right on the beach


Miguel Antonio beack, Costa Rica


Eating local food in Managua


Laura Foster in Manuagua


Good catch


Dan Ove Hansen with a needlefish


Dan Ove Hansen taking pictures at the beach, listening to his camera


Dan Ove Hansen on Miguel Antonio Beach


Lobster for dinner


Peter Høj Christensen getting ready for bonfire on the beach


Peter Høj Christensen at the bonfire


Henrik Larsen and Brian Andersen with Coconuts on Sandy Cay with the sandflyes


Heavy rain gives a nice shower


Brian Andersen rescue Finn Grønning in the Dinghy on a rough beach


Nice beach on Culebra


Brian Andersen swimming in the salty water,which is only for sailing in, as he says


Eruption Vulcano on Monserat


Brian Andersen on Culebrita Cay


Brian Andersen


Nice Wahoo


Jacob Sørensen holder Wahooen frem


Mega Yachts in St_ Martin


Til party på Shirly Hights


Nat i St. Martin


English Harbor and Falmouth Harbor, Antigua


De store både vil ses om natten


Many Motoryachts


Smukke sejlbåde






Besætningen ved afsejling fra Arguineguin GC


The provission on board


Skibshunden Ana med FTLF stafetten


Funchal harbor


Old Poertuguise ship on Madeira


My friend Antonio visit Anaconda in North Spain






Bo Jensen fra Cafe Paradiset i Arguineguin