Til Forside

Caribien 2010 / 11


Last swim in the Atlantic Ocean


Vintertøjet må frem på de nordlige breddegrader


Festtale ved FTLF Pinsetræf i Ebeltoft


Kronborg om styrbord efter 10 års jordomsejling


Fødselsdag ombord med lagkage


My friend Steven Mukaloff


Laura walking in Nyhavn, Copenhagen


Jan Klintegaard and Laura Foster in Copenhagen
Jan og Laura


My two daughters


Skål, welcome to Denmark


Glædeligt gensyn med familien


Gensyn i Mosede med min gamle ven Folmer


Børnene er blevet store


Anaconda på land i Stubbekøbing


Every boat paint its logo


Man at work


Finish painting


The pier in Horta


Logo on the pier in Horta Acores


Cafe Sport, Horta


Marina Horta


Skipper ...


Beautiful Acores


Pico in the Background


The Spermwhale diving




Jesper Johansen feeding the Stingray


Skipper play with Stingray


Laura Foster touching the Stingray


Ana swimming with Stingray


Jesper Johansen listen to Cuban music


Dinner at Peters Place Santiago_Jesper, Nicolai, A, Peter, Bent and Laura


Barhopping in Panama City


Bandet Son de la Baia


A fine wahoo caught


My good friend Elan and his family in Santiago


Together with family Kirkegaard


Walter from Panamar with the Lemon friends


Wonderful tropical islands in San Blas


Sunset over Columbia


Sol og palmer i San Blas, Panama


Snorkling on a wreck in East Lemon Islands


Mia Mikkelsen and Christian Johnsen with the sailfish


Mia Mikkelsen and Laura finds shells on the beach


Many lobsters in the Carribbean


Look out for reefs in San Blas


Laura on Klein Curacao


Kuna village


Juvinile Boobie


Jonas from Pelican


Island in Coco Bandera Islands


East Lemon Keys in San Blas


East Lemon Keys


Anaconda in San Blas


Anchorage in Curacao


Cactus stings on Curacao


Mia Jensen between Cactus


Laura on mountainclimbing at Spanish Waters


Ana still loves swimming


Los Rochas


Floating market in Willemsstadt


Happy night at Jac.s in Porlamar Margarita


Rico Post and Skipper drinking Polar Beer


Sunset over Curacao


Eel on the coral reef