Til Forside



Laura in Namibia Dessert


Laura, Emil and Sune enjoy a beer in the dessert


Salt Extraction in Walvis Bay Namibia


Rhino on safari in South Africa


Soularity and Anaconda in Richards Bay


Laura working on the furlex system in Hout Bai with the seals


White Shark Diving in Gansbai


Here it is, the Great White Shark


Water not too clear, but lots of great white


Ready to dive with the great white


Pernille and Laura in wetsuits, ready for the cage


Shark cage getting launched


Late Christmas band in Hout Bai


Table Mountain seen from Central Cape Town


Souvenir market in Hout Bai


Laura from Soularity


Cape Town


Cape of Good Hope


Cape Fur Seals on Marina Pier in Hout Bai


Beautiful view of the coast close to Cape Town


In the Masai village


Jesper Johansen and Don Harrison in Masai Village


Masai woman with child


Shoes made of motorcycle tyre


Caught on a sandbank when the tide ran out


Tide is gone


Tail of Humpback whale




Coconut Sundowner forberedes


Anacondas logo i Dar Es Salaam Yachtclub


Netop færdig med at male


Anaconda set fra stævnen


Anaconda from top of mast


Pukkelhval Hump Back Whale


Ana og jeg graver efter krabber


Wahoo på krogen


Lørdagsøl på Kilifi Boatyard med Brian Barton


Dinner ready


Bål på stranden


Efter bål på stranden


Masai kvinde


Masai Village


Safari Resort


Elefant på safaritur


Smalle stræder i Lamu


Kvinder i Lamu


Til ankers på hvid sandbanke


White sand for miles


Stone Town Zanzibar


Skipper ved Ruiner i Kilwa, Tanzania


Skipper og Jeppe Hansen


Kilifi Boatyard


View from Kilifi Boat yard


Dar Es Salaam Yacht Club


Market in Dar Es Salaam


Anaconda and Sunflyer


Ana on her favorit position


Skipper og Jeppe Hansen


Anaconda summer 2009


Anaconda on finishing line in the Mayotte >Regatta<


Jeppe Hansen handsewing sail




Snakes in Paradise


Local village on Nusa Komba


Local market


Piroque on Madagascar

Local fishermen


Local banana salesmen


Lots of Lemurs on Nosy Komba


Lemurs love bananas


Jeppe Hansen with Dorado Mahi